It all goes down to this final showdown and the odds were not in Phenom Ballers’ favor. With Boom Generals defeating them twice in the eliminations, Phenom Ballers will have to score a huge upset to snatch this one from the heavy favorites.

Coming into the game, Phenom Ballers missed the services of their lone center Kathleen O’Grady while Boom Generals also missed the leadership of their Head Coach, John Raymond Sosing.

Phenom Ballers surged right from start to lead by 11 at the end of the first quarter. Banered by the electrifying Chevron Bayley, Phenom Ballers Qatar hustled in defense while patiently looked for the open shot on offense. Boom Generals continued to grasp for form in the second as they further sunk to a 25 point deficit by the half.

In the second half, Boom Generals went to their low post game which resulted to 8 straight point by Doniez Jenhani, but the Phenom Ballers called for a timeout and came out double teaming Jenhani in every possession. As the fourth quarter got on its way Boom Generals skipper, Riza Barrozo took matters into her own hands as she led a 12-2 run to bring down the lead to 12, but Chevron “Cool Cat” Bayley drained from downtown to stop the assault. She also controlled the tempo of the game from thereon as she proved to be steady from the stripe to land a 68-62 win to claim the crown. As expected, Chevron Bayley was chosen as Finals MVP with her 30 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and 4 steals for an all-around performance.

The conference MVP Award went to Riza Barrozo of Boom Generals. The Mythical Five awardees are Agatha Panganiban of Balleros, Dima Wahbeh of Lucky 7 Infinite Ballers, Chevron Bayley of Phenom Ballers Qatar, Tara Mitic and Riza Barrozo of Boom Generals.