The Pinoy Basketball of Qatar (PIBAQ) the premier Filipino basketball league in Doha, State of Qatar, designed to organize basketball tournament among the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s) under the tutelage of Qatar Basketball Federation (QBF), and overseas member affiliated to Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas, Inc. (SBP) and recognized by the Philippine Embassy in Qatar. It has sustained its patronage and public acceptance by being dynamic and adaptable to the ever-changing needs of times. Players have become taller, faster and more scientific in their system of playing. Thus, basketball rules have to be periodically changed to meet the demands of the sport and to make the games more exciting and enjoyable.

The PIBAQ adopts the rules of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) effective 1stOctober 2014, which governs the PIBAQ Internal House Rules & Regulations. However, since our tournament takes almost four (4) months to complete, we deemed it necessary to institute certain PIBAQ house rules (as additional regulations that are over and above the FIBA rules) that will govern all participants of the game.

In this regard, any and all other rules not specifically covered in the PIBAQ house rules shall be governed by the FIBA rules. The Commissioners and its Deputy, Technical Committee & the affiliated SBP Affiliated Referees are tasked to ensure the correct applications of both rules at all times.

This manual seeks to guide all members of the PIBAQ family regarding norms, rules and regulations and systems and procedures governing the conduct of all PIBAQ games.

These PIBAQ IN-HOUSE RULES were not formulated overnight. It is a compilation of rules promulgated by the Office of the Commissioners & Organizing Committee since year 2005. All these compilations now form as an integral part of this manual.


To conduct wholesome recreational activities among OFW’s in Doha, Qatar; to promote friendship, fair play and promote true spirit of sportsmanship through basketball.


The tournament will commence with Soft Opening games to be followed by the Grand Opening Ceremony and it will be completed within 15-16 weeks. Games will be played every Fridays starting from 7:00 Am to 3:30 Pm.

  1. COMPOSITION OF TEAMS AND REPLACEMENT:                                                                                                                                                                        Each team may enlist 18 players. No more than 15 players shall be allowed to play each game due to live stat limitation. The 3 reserve players may play at any game if there’s any shortage or during the event of repatriation/injury/vacation.


  1. A maximum of 5 team personnel will be allowed to sit on the bench namely:
    1. Coach
    2. Assistant Coach
    3. Manager
    4. Scorer
    5. Utility
  2. Each team can change its players within the team’s first four games only. If a team enlists less than 15 players, no further addition shall be entertained after the second game and the team will play the rest of the conference with whatever number of players it has available. All teams are encouraged to fill up their roster with reserve players up to 18 to avoid shortage during game conflicts or absences.
  3. The coaching staff can be changed at any time during the tournament provided proper notification has been don with the organizer.                                                    ELIGIBILITY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              1. Height limit will be based on the category that the team has entered into.                                                                                                                                      2. Player/s must not be presently active in any collegiate, commercial, and professional league in the Philippines or Qatar.                                                                    3. All players have voluntarily played in PIBAQ and understands that PIBAQ will have no responsibility whatsoever in the event of injury.                                        4. Team rosters/ line-up submitted before the start of the tournament are considered If a player is out of the country (Qatar) whether for personal or official reason, he shall be allowed to play during the Semi-Final and Championship as long as he has played AT LEAST ONE GAMEduring the elimination round.    5. Proper bench decorum shall be observed. All team personnel must wear proper attire. (e.g. Rubber Shoes, Team Uniform, etc.). Anyone who does not follow will be removed from the team bench.

Note: The current FIBA OFFICIAL PLAYING RULES shall govern the conduct of officiating throughout the whole tournament.

  1. Disqualifying foul
    1. Player – when he is charged with either 2 technical fouls or 2 unsportsmanlike fouls. He shall go to and remain in his team’s dressing room for the duration of the game or if he so chooses, he shall leave the building.
    2. Coach –shall be disqualified for the remainder of the game when he is charged with 2 technical fouls as a result of his unsportsmanlike behavior.


  1. Repetition of the same offense will cause a player to be banned from the on-going season and succeeding tournament of PIBAQ for at least one (1) season and will not be entitled for any individual award and any PIBAQ exhibition, invitational or friendship game, inside and outside of Qatar.
  2. A player penalized with three (3) consecutives technical foul during elimination round will be suspended for one (1) game effective immediately in the next scheduled game and will not be entitled for any individual awards.
  3. A team that forfeits a game without a 24 hour prior notification will automatically be penalized with a fine of:
  4. 300.00 for the first offense; and
  5. 500.00 for the second and subsequent offenses;
  6. Payment of such penalties should be settled prior to the next game. Non-payment of the fine will cause the suspension of a team to play until such time that the fine is paid. A suspended team shall lose its next scheduled game by default and will be subject to the penalties thereof.
  7. Any protest made must be in accordance with the procedures must be made within 15 minutes after the end of the particular game.
  8. Any bench personnel who leaves outside the confines of the team bench area during any situation which may lead to a fight and identified by the referees and the organizing committee, shall be disqualified and thrown out from the game, and will be suspended for two (2) games accordingly depending on the gravity of the offense.
  9. Any team member who gets instigates a fight, any commotions or had shown intent to physically harm another player or other officials will be suspended for two (2) games accordingly depending on the gravity of the offense.
  10. Team members will use team bench only. All team followers can sit on the bleachers and will not make any unnecessary comments that may jeopardize the spirit of sportsmanship. Failure to do so will mean ejection from the game and a technical will be charged against the bench.
  11. No team followers and players’ family members will be allowed to sit behind the team’s benches during the game. The organizing committee reserves the right to charge an automatic technical against the bench without prior warning.
  12. Any player who arrives in the game after the third period has started will not be allowed to play anymore on the present game. The opposing team may approach the committee to report such violation for proper disposal.
  13. No change of players’ jersey number during the tournament is allowed. Non-compliance without approval from the organizing committee will mean an automatic individual technical foul charged to the player without prior warning and during the playoffs, no player with improper uniform shall be allowed to play. Players using non-official uniforms shall be meted with individual technical fouls respectively which will also be counted as a personal foul.
  14. A player is not allowed to wear, remove or change his uniform during the game while behind or in the bench. An automatic technical foul will be charged against the team after the 1st
  15. In case of force majeure, the game will resume where it stopped and will be recorded as official and must remain the same.
  16. No teams will be allowed to play in the first scheduled game, if it has any outstanding fines or other liabilities not settled with the organizing committee. Any outstanding fines or liabilities cannot be deducted from the team entrance fee. If a team is fined during the tournament, it must be settled separately before the next playing day. Failure to do so will mean forfeiture of the game and automatic lost by default.
  17. Only fifteen (15) players can play in every game. During the game, the entry of the 16thplayer will automatically penalized with a technical foul registered to the bench.
  18. Any violation from the above approved eligibility of players, team composition and requirement will be penalized an automatic individual technical foul and ball possession for each game after a jump ball at the start of the game.
  19. A team that “Walks out” during the game will be given a five-minute grace period to return to their assigned bench. The organizing committee reserves the right to impose a penalty of QR. 500.00 for the violating team..
  20. If the team withdraws from the tournament for any reason, the entry fee shall not be refunded as the payment scheme is designed to cover all scheduled games for the referees, table officials and assigned cleaners of the basketball hall.
  21. If a team wins three consecutive championships in one category, that particular team shall skip the succeeding tournament in compliance with the grand slam rule of the league. The players of the grand slam team may play separately on the participating teams of the succeeding tournament.
  22. Fighting (Refer to FIBA Art. 39) – physical interaction between 2 or more opponents (players and team personnel). Applies to the team bench during a fight or during any situation which may lead to fight.





  • Double round elimination. The top team will automatically enter the finals, Position 2 and 3 will play a one game match wherein the winner will enter the finals along with Position 1.


  • Double round elimination. The top team will automatically enter the finals, Position 2 and 3 will play a one game match wherein the winner will enter the finals along with Position 1.


  • A single round elimination. Top 2 teams will advance to the semi-finals (Position 1 will be awarded a twice to beat advantage only if it finishes the eliminations without a loss). Positions 3-6 will play in the quarterfinals.

Quarter Finals

QF 1 – Position 3 vs. Position 6

QF 2 – Position 4 vs. Position 5


SF 1 – Position 1 vs. QF 2 Winner

SF 2 – Position 2 vs. QF 1 Winner

Finals / Bracket Finals

Winner SF 1 vs. Winner SF 2


Championship – Winner Bracket 1 1 vs. Winner Bracket 2


  • A single round Bracket Champions round. Top 2 teams will advance to the finals.


The following procedures shall be applied:

  1. In case of ties involving two (2) teams, the result of the game between the two (2) teams involved or the “winner over-the-other” rule shall prevail. If more than one (1) game is played between the two (2) teams involved, quotient system shall be used.
  2. In case of ties involving three (3) or more teams, the following quotient (goal average) system shall be applied:

POINTS FOR (points scored by team) Quotient

POINTS AGAINST (points scored against team) = (goal average)

All scores of the teams involved shall be taken into account. The quotient (goal average) is derived by dividing the total points scored by the team against the total points scored against the team.

In the event that two (2) teams shall have the same quotient (goal average), the results of all their games played in the group shall be used to break the tie.



Observance and adherence to the rules and regulations of the sport complex shall be strictly followed i.e. no smoking inside the hall, cigarette butts in the garbage can, no loitering within the building, clean and proper disposal of garbage at the bench after team games The management and Organizing committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage of materials and personal belongings participating in this tournament. Family members are required to follow the correct dressing code of the State of Qatar.


All team members are strictly prohibited to use drugs & alcohol, if found during the game, the head coach and player concern will be automatically thrown out of the game & will be suspended for one (1) game and player involved will be suspended in the whole tournament.


Each participating team will be allowed free advertisement within the complex of one (1) roll up banner during the particular team’s game only. Additional ads and size will be charged a nominal amount by the organizing committee. Main sponsor will be given double the size of the streamer.


The Organizing Committee shall decide any cancellation of the game after the consultation. In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the organizing committee, scheduled games may have to be postponed for other convenient date(s) without responsibility on the part of the organizers. The committee will notify the concerned team(s) not later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled game.


  2. Each team should provide the organizing committee such as name, email address and mobile number of their team representative who we will be in contact with regarding any communication between the team and the organizer. Failure to do so will relieve the organizing committee of any responsibility as a result of not being able to relay messages, change of schedule, etc., to any team.
  3. The update on team standing, schedules, scoreboard results, photos & all information can be found on our website.




  1. Social Network Policy & PIBAQ Copyright Violations

Social Networking can be useful, but if improperly used it can result in a variety of adverse consequences, such as disclosure of sensitive or confidential information, copyright violations, and potential damage to the PIBAQ Organization Reputation.

Application: Due to the importance of this policy, the PIBAQ Organization cannot tolerate violations.

Members, including Team Managers, Coaching Staff and Identified Team Followers, are subject to sanctions for violations of this policy. Consequences may include such measures as immediate ban, remove from the list of membership, or any other action deemed appropriate by the Organization under the circumstances.

NOTE: All other issues not listed herein but approved during all meetings conducted and attended by all teams representative are valid for the best interest of the league.


It is the sole power of the organizing committee to implement the tournament Internal House Rules and decide on any other rules and regulations that may be deemed necessary for the successful execution of the tournament and for the best interest of all parties in general.



Champion Trophy + Cash Prize + Medals

First Runner Up Trophy + Medals

MVP Certificate + Trophy (from elimination round)

Mythical Five Certificate + Trophy (from best 4 teams)

Best Coach Certificate (champion team)

Best Uniform Certificate + Cash Prize (opening Day)

Best Muse Certificate + Cash Prize (opening Day)


During the tournament, statistical data will be monitored by the Technical Committee and shall be the basis for the individual awards.

Other factors to consider for Individual Awards;

  1. Legitimacy in their position
  2. Team Standing
  3. Good moral character

Negative Factor:

  1. Unsportsmanlike conduct
  2. Disqualifying intentional foul
  3. Team involvement in a melee, fistfight or any commotions.